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McIntyre talks redistricting and responds to travel criticism

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Congressman Mike McIntyre is speaking out about a plan to change his district.

McIntyre appeared in Brunswick County on Tuesday to present a check for a solar project to the Brunswick Electric Membership Corporation.

WECT asked McIntyre about the proposed redistricting plan released last week by a state committee.

The plan would remove most of the rural areas of the current district and add the coastal counties of Onslow and Carteret.

"In their initial map that they have proposed, it's nothing but a brazen and a blatant attempt to personally come into a rural county like Robeson County and not only split that county in two but split my hometown in two," said McIntyre.

"It actually comes into my neighborhood and divides it."

McIntyre also spoke to WECT about criticism he's getting over taking a taxpayer-funded trip overseas.

McIntyre just returned from a trip to Europe that has sparked a debate.

A recent article in The Huffington Post expresses concerns over the taxpayer-funded trip.

To see the Huffington Post's story, click here.

Six members of Congress, including McIntyre and their spouses, traveled Europe.

McIntyre says it was strictly business.

McIntyre denies celebrating his wedding anniversary with his wife while on the trip, despite claims that the couple did.

"The anniversary had nothing to do with this trip," said McIntyre.

"These were meetings that were planned," he said. 

"In fact, I was invited to speak at an international forum, where we had over 100 countries that are other democracies throughout the world to talk about issues and about the democratic movement sweeping North Africa and the Middle East."

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