Weird News

Contrary to popular belief, not all you see or hear or read in the news media is bad news, despite the inaccurate, but widely quoted dictum that, "If it bleeds, it leads." Quite often in browsing the sources, I run across items that are sometimes weird and often funny. And I think they deserve exposure too.

Like the shopping free-for-all for those willing to bare all at a clothing store in Lisbon , Portugal —it offered free designer duds to those willing to shop in the nude. About 70 people, mostly young men, lined up to take advantage of the raw deal. The naked shoppers were allowed to keep all the clothes they managed to put on.

Then there's the Berlin man who taught his dog to do the Nazi salute. The dog would raise his right paw whenever the man said "Heil Hitler." The dog's name, by the way, is Adolph. Displaying Nazi symbols in public is a crime in Germany now. The man was charged for yelling "Heil Hitler" on a crowded street, and walking around in a Hitler tee-shirt.

And now there are drinks you can sink your teeth into, and forget olives and a lemon twist. Bartenders are putting everything from gouda to goulash in their cocktails. A bar in Atlanta offers something called the "Dirty Maytag Martini." It's garnished with an olive stuffed with blue cheese. A New York City restaurant offers "Caketails" and "Pietinis." They imitate the tastes of desserts. Personally, I'm waiting for the Pickled Pig Foot Panther.