More push to get people to buy American and buy local

WILMINGTON, NC (WSFX) – There is a growing effort to get people to buy American and buy local.

One website that's getting a lot of attention nationwide is Dig Us Out.  It was started by a woman who had a hard time finding American-made things.  Jaime Norwood said she hopes it will help America's economy get back on the road to recovery.  So far, she's got at least 400 American-made businesses on her website.

Gayle Tabor with Buy Local ILM says she's also pushing people to buy local items in and around Wilmington.  She's hoping that people support the state's 10-percent campaign, which encourages people to buy at least 10-percent worth of local goods to help support the economy.

"That money will stay in the local economy more," said Tabor.  "About 80-cents of every dollar stays in the local economy for local stores as opposed to going to big box stores."

Tabor said a good place to start buying local is by going to local farmers markets.

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