REWARD: Four County Electric puts up $1,000 for copper thieves

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WECT) – Four County Electric is putting out a $1,000 reward for information on the copper thieves who have been stealing their copper wire for the past several months.

Crews from the electric company are busy fixing hundreds of utility poles that have been stripped of their copper wiring.  Employees say thieves hoping to make a few bucks by selling the stuff to scrap yards don't realize the risk they're taking for a little bit of copper.

According to Four County Electric, the copper running along the poles serve as a conductor that disperses voltage into the ground.  Some thieves are tampering with sub-station breakers, which carry enough power to instantly kill someone.

It costs nearly $100 to fix each pole and consumes a lot of man power.

Along with causing some power outages, the thieves are also creating problems that can hurt others.  A break in the line in one area can raise the electric current in others.

Company representatives hope the power of a $1,000 cash reward will help the power continue to run smoothly.

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