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Democrat funeral march protests state budget

WILMINGTON,NC (WECT)- Just hours after the state budget passed the house, a group of democrats banded together to show their outrage over it Saturday afternoon.

The group held a protest that included more than just posters and stickers. Demonstrators say they were walking to mourn the "death of public education." They gathered around a hearse to get their message across.

"They have literally killed education in North Carolina. Where we used to be ahead of the average in this nation, we are going to be on par with Mississippi, in dead last place," said Alex Hall, the chairman of the New Hanover County Democratic party.

The house-approved budget including $120 million dollars worth of cuts to k-12 school jobs is the "death" the protestors people were referring to. The loss is what made them roll on down to the State GOP Convention. However, the attendees weren't sharing in the sadness and no one showed any signs of wobbling their tough stance on the new budget.

"It's all because of the general assembly this term. They're not leaders. They've been used to throwing stones and rocks and hand grenades from the back of the session house and now they have to lead and they don't know how to drive the car," said Hall.

The protest lasted a little over an hour and other than some yelling it remained pretty peaceful.

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