Inter-modal Transportation Center

The proposed Inter-modal Transportation Center being touted by some as Wilmington's answer to traffic and parking problems reminds me a little of the Global Trans-Park—it's a proposed solution in desperate search of an actual use.  The Global Trans-Park, you recall, is the bottomless pit near Wilson into which the State has poured money for twenty-five years, and, so far, is neither global, nor much involved in transportation, and is far from park-like.

Since passenger rail service does not exist in or to Wilmington, and is not likely to anytime soon; since taxicabs do their own dispatching to any location in town; since it is highly unlikely that anyone would want to park downtown and take a bus to the airport (and would only add to congestion, not ease it); and, since buses are not overburdened with would-be passengers clambering for a seat, I question the need of a centralized location as a transportation cure-all, especially since there is some argument as to where to put it anyway.

The Global Trans-Park was a grandiose idea that sounded good, even looked good on paper, but never flew. The Inter-modal Transportation Center is similar in that it appears to be something that would be nice to have maybe, and it would look good on city brochures, but, simply is not needed. There are other more urgent needs that the city should look after first.