Teenage Dieting

Remember adolescence? That awkward time when you just wanted to fit in...and today...fitting in - means fitting into the clothes your peers are wearing! (

"Because I weigh a lot more than everybody weighs, (next girl), I weigh a lot, "my weight right now is okay, but I don't want to gain any more, I just want to be regular."

Dieting among adolescents is at an all time high. But new research suggests the strategy may backfire. The three year study of nearly 15 thousand 9-14 year olds finds across the board - dieters gained more weight than those who didn't cut calories.

Dr. Ellen Rome, Adolescent Medicine the Cleveland Clinic: "The kids who are frequently dieting are also the ones who likely will be the ones not eating, not eating, not eating, and then pigging out"

In fact the study shows the dieters, especially girls, were more likely to binge eat, which may help explain those extra pounds.

Dr. Howard Eisenson:"So I think we need to become a little bit outraged as a society and start to fight back." Obesity expert Dr. Howard Eisenson says the study sends up a red flag about the pressure to be thin.

"The relentless message that we must be thinner we must be thinner may be counter productive and this study may be showing the way it's counter productive."

And while healthy eating - may not be the in fad. Researchers say their findings suggest, it's the right strategy for young adults who want to tip the scale in the right direction.