Workout Woes

Mary Platz regularly works out with weights and didn't think much of the pain in her elbow.

Mary Platz, Works Out: "I just thought I had lifted maybe a little too much and pulled a muscle."

But the pain got worse, and after 4 months, she finally went to the doctor.

"I couldn't hold a cup of coffee, couldn't hold a hairbrush."

Dr. Edward Staub has seen it all too often. People who hurt but wait to seek help. They endure needless pain and can do more damage. So pay attention to the workout warning signs.

Dr. Edward Staub, Sports Medicine Specialist: "When you rupture the achilles you know it, you can't walk, you can't move your ankle."

While excruciating pain, won't let you mistake a torn achilles tendon, the less painful planatris injury may be harder to identify.

Dr. Edward Staub: "People who rupture their plantaris feel they were struck in the back of the calf by a tennis ball."

Resting is the best road to recovery. Back pain is another common complaint, it can be due to a simple strain, or something more serious that needs quick attention.

"Especially if the pain is shooting down one of your legs, that's called sciatis pain and may indicate a herniated disc."

Weight lifters are often plagued by shoulder pain, it can be arthritis in the joint.

Dr. Edward Staub: "It's a local pain right at the top of the shoulder and its a popping pain whenever you move your shoulder you feel a grinding or a popping."

Minor surgery may be necessary or cortisone injections may bring relief. Those injections helped mary recover from her tennis elbow. She is now pain free and back to lifting weight.