Pender County Accident

An accident at a Pender County intersection Thursday morning has left two Wilmington women injured. There is no traffic light there, and Pender County residents say the intersection is just an accident waiting to happen. Around 10:00 Thursday morning, witnesses say a woman driving south on Highway 117 in a red Oldsmobile had to slam on brakes to try to avoid running into a gray Cadillac. The driver in that car was attempting to make a left turn onto Highway 133. The two cars crashed. Both women were rushed to the hospital. Heidi Watson, the driver of the red car was airlifted to New Hanover Regional Medical Center and is in fair condition. Bernice Brinson, the driver of the grey car, was taken by ambulance and has all ready been treated and released. Witnesses say the crash was a scary sight. The Department of Transportation says a light isn't needed at the intersection because there isn't enough traffic.

Reported By Heather Higgins: