Fetal Photos

As Jannine Leshem watches her baby move and squirm, she's already experiencing the joys of motherhood before her son is even born.

Jannine Leshem, expecting a baby :"As a mother you feel all these movements, and you just like wonder what is the baby doing?? and it's just amazing to be able to see it."

It's that kind of reaction that has spurred the growth of these fetal foto centers all over the country.

Danielle Kuznetsov, owner fetal foto : "They actually have time to watch the baby, see what the baby is doing, see mannerisms and behaviors and then they take that little piece of time with them home."

What you take home --- depends on how much you want to spend. A typical package includes a 10 minute ultrasound video set to music along with 2 and 3 dimensional images of your baby. While they do check the baby's heartbeat and position in the womb, this is not a medical procedure.

Danielle Kuznetsov, owner fetal foto :"We make it very clear that the diagnostic procedure stay at their doctors offices. We see ourselves as a complimentary experience or service."

Fetal Foto notifies the customer's doctor before they agree to do an ultrasound, and if they pick up anything unusual, they refer them back to their doctor for further examination. Even so, some ob-gyn's don't want this technology used for entertainment purposes. 
Ddr. Steven Curry, OB-GYN :"This is a medical machine. It is used to take care of patients and do proper things."

Dr. Curry --- head of obstetrics and gynecology at the UCONN Health Center --- is concerned Fetal Fotos may spot potential problems and not be equipped to counsel concerned parents.

Dr. Curry: "Anytime you hint to a patient that there might be something wrong, especially when she's pregnant. Okay, it does nothing but cause tremendous fear and discomfort."