Does it Work? Mister Steamy

WILMINGTON, NC (WSFX) -   Everyone's in a hurry these days, but there's a new product that promises to make ironing a thing of the past.  It's called Mister Steamy.  We wanted to know if it worked or if Mister Steamy's promises were a bunch of hot air.

Liz Soffera manages Green Baby Diaper Service in Wilmington.  She said she was hooked once she saw the ad on TV.  "I thought it was awesome," she said.

Her business consists of cleaning nearly two thousand diapers a week.  She claims to be the only cloth diaper service in Wilmington, and she says a product like Mister Steamy could help her out on costs and chemicals.

"We want everything to be as gentle as possible," said Soffera.  "We test the diapers to make sure they're the right pH against a baby's skin.  And the whole point is to reduce the amount of chemicals a baby comes in contact with."

The Mister Steamy is a set of green balls that are made to fill up with water.  Once you put them in the dryer, the steam released supposedly helps keep the wrinkles out of clothing.  It also claims to keep them softer and fluffier than regular fabric softener.

But… does it work?

"I immediately put it in with the diapers, and I was really hoping I could tell a difference with the softness and fluffiness," said Soffera.  "And they came out just the same."

We put it to the test, too.  We put a pair of wrinkled pants in the dryer for 15 minutes with the Mister Steamy.  The instructions say it only takes that long for it to do its magic.

We had the same results as Soffera.

We also noticed that the dryer balls make doing laundry extremely loud.  Obviously, having a ball bouncing around in a dryer can do that.

It didn't work on Soffera's husband's clothing or her table cloth.  More importantly, she said, it wasn't good enough for a baby's soft bottom.  She says Mister Steamy is full of hot air.

If you want to test it out for yourself anyway, the Mister Steamy can be bought for about $15 in the As Seen on TV aisle in stores like Walmart and CVS.

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