Military Family Support

We'll start off our look at websites for military families with one that literally IS 4militaryfamilies. This site has a long list of categories to search through, from associations to world time. The "support for spouses" link directs you to service-specific sites as well as other general sites.

This next site (militaryspousebn) also has service-specific links as well as tips for dealing with a deployment and dealing with pets in military life. This site is geared mainly to military spouses and their home businesses as well as military-related businesses.

This site for military wives (soloops) has its own monthly newsletter--The Riveter--and tips compiled from other military sites on OPSEC, or "operation security". Sgt. Wife is the site's advice column that deals with a lot of the questions a military spouse may have. This site also has tips on preparing for a deployment, a move, and general military life.

For This Week in Geek, I'm Mark Avery.