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Investigation: Teen accused of sexual assault on a school bus

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WECT) – Deputies in Columbus County are investigating a sexual assault that took place on a school bus Friday afternoon.

According to the police report, the incident involved a 15-year-old boy and 12-year-old girl on a bus that was carrying students home from Acme-Delco Middle School.

The mother of the alleged victim said her daughter was targeted because of a bet.

"Some little boys dared him to do it over a $10 pair of shoes," explained the victim's mother, whose identity will not be revealed.  "He pulls his penis down all the time, I'm told, and the bus driver does nothing."

The victim's mother said she did not learn about the incident until a parent of another girl on the bus called her at work.  She says the bus driver didn't do anything, but should have called her about the incident.

"Or the bus driver should have turned the bus around and call me and the sheriff's office.  That would have been the proper [thing to do]," explained the mother.

The school's principal went to the victim's house Friday evening to learn more details about what happened on the bus.

According to the incident report, the male student grabbed the female's chest and exposed himself, touching the girl.

Alan Faulk, the interim superintendent of Columbus County schools, said the appropriate action has been taken against the bus driver and the male student.  According to Faulk, the school system is investigating the incident.

The victim's mother is trying to make sure her daughter heals from the alleged sexual assault.  She plans to get her daughter some counseling to make sure she is okay.

The mother also said her daughter will not be riding the bus to school so long as the same person is driving the bus.

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