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Chadbourn town manager indicted for impersonating cop

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COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WECT) - The town manager of Chadbourn has been indicted for impersonating a police officer, among other charges.

Stevie Cox was arrested in March after a traffic stop on his way back from Raleigh.  At the time of the stop, Cox was driving in the Chadbourn Police Chief's SUV with Mayor Kenneth Waddell and two members of Chadbourn's ABC Board.  A state trooper pulled him over for speeding.

Cox's attorney, one-time District Attorney candidate Butch Pope, told there was a misunderstanding and that Cox presented the officer with numerous items in the glove box, which included a police badge.

Last month, Columbus County District Attorney Jon David told he chose to push this case through the grand jury in what's called a true presentment, which adds an extra level of oversight.  David said that is beneficial with cases involving public officials.

In all, Cox was indicted for impersonating an officer, obstructing an officer, speeding and driving with an expired license.  The case now moves to Superior Court.  No court date has been set.

Cox remains on the job as town manager.

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