Does It Work? The Jupiter Jack

WILMINGTON, NC (WSFX) – Talking on the phone while driving can be dangerous, especially without a hands-free device.  But now, there's a product that promises to make your cell phone conversation as safe as listening to the radio.

The Jupiter Jack has been advertised in several commercials on TV.  All you have to do is plug in your phone, turn on your radio and then you have hands-free chatting.  The Jupiter Jack transmits sound thru the speakers in your car, so instead of hearing music you hear the person on the other end.

But does it work?

WSFX asked reporter Lindsay Curtin to test out the product since she's sent on many assignments every day.  She made two phone calls, but said she had trouble hearing both times.

"Well, the Jupiter Jack is a lot of fun and exciting and stuff, however it's kind of hard to make out," said Curtin.

Then, WSFX anchor Michelle Li took the Jupiter Jack for a ride, hoping to have better luck.  She called assignment editor Justin West in the newsroom, who said he could hear Li pretty well.

"Every now and then, it seemed like our connection dropped, but overall it seemed to do what it's supposed to," said Li.

Our product testing yielded mixed results, so while it may not be the right device for an important business call, at around $5 you might be getting what you pay for.

A pair of the Jupiter Jacks are sold on TV for $20, but you can probably find it at a local store for $5 in the "as seen on TV aisle."

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