See, Click, Fix: trouble seeing road sign on Market Street

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - At least one viewer posted a request on WECT's See, Click, Fix website asking for another road sign so drivers know where to turn onto Middle Sound Loop Road from Market Street.

The post from Jeannie reads:

Middle Sound Loop Road is not marked so it can be located. The sign on Market St. for Middle Sound Loop is across the street from Middle Sound Loop on the Advance Auto Parts property and is partially blocked by power poles when traveling North on Market. Only one side street on Middle Sound Loop between Market and Mason Landing is marked to indicate that you are Middle Sound Loop Rd. People who are not familiar with the area have a hard time locating Middle Sound Loop Rd.

This was reported to the New Hanover County Property Management department. Jerome Fennell sent someone to check on the problem the same day.

"Our sign installer will be in that area on Wednesday. If we can install across the street we will. And we will investigate putting up more signs identifying Middle Sound Loop, I'll let you know Wednesday when we can complete this," said Fennell.

The sign for Middle Sound Loop road has been moved and the county property management department is adding more signs along the stretch of road.

"We investigated the signage on Middle Sound Loop Rd. and I plan to have additional signs put up to help identify more easily the road. There are about 27 roads coming off of Middle Sound Loop and there is no code that says dual signs be placed at every intersection. However, we will provide enough signage to help motorist identify that they are traveling on Middle Sound Loop Rd. We will have this accomplished before the end of the month, said Fennell.

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