Curtin Call! The official American Idol blog: Top 8

Hello American Idolers.

First item on the agenda: Pia's elimination. It was shocking, it was a horrible choice and she deserves to be in the music business. However, I declare it's time to move on... her song selection was always weak.

Paul McDonald has no range. He's got a lot of energy but he can never push past a certain note.

Lauren Alaina has the most pleasing-to-the-ear voice in the competition. A Miley Cyrus song is naturally a disadvantage, but she came through.

Stefano Langone is the polar opposite of inspirational

I apologize if my blurbs are on the short/negative side. My day ended on a bad note and to make matters worse my apartment smells very weird. However, I am counting on Steven Tyler to say something insanely crazy to get my mood back on track! Woohoo!

Scotty McCreery will never get voted off. He has definitely grown on me and I can't believe I actually just said that. I have a weakness for blue eyes.. so what?!

Casey Abrams made some creepy grunt noises. I've never been on a cruise, but if I went on one I could imagine him as the lounge performer who keeps making akward eye contact with me. However, the judges gave him a standing ovation. I guess I give him props for going with his gut... it's not an easy thing to do when you really care about your career.

Haley Reinhart's range is insane. Please tell me why Paul McDonald and Stefano Langone got praises and Haley got criticism. Pathetic.

Jacob Lusk Has more passion than all the other contestants combined. I'm curious how he would be marketed as an artist.. I mean, I can't see what kind of records he would make...?

James Durbin proved once again he has no variety! Sure he's a rocker but you can only listen to someone yell songs so many times before you're dying for a soft, slow rock song. They do exist ya know! "Mama I'm coming Home" by Ozzy Osbourne, for example!

This show was middle of the road for me personally. I think Stefano Langone should have gone home centuries ago.

FOX 26 NEWS at 10 is the cookie dough to my Dairy Queen Blizzard. In other words, tune in ! Jon Evans and Michelle Li are amazing people to work with and I'm sure they worked as hard as possible to bring you a fierce newscast!

Hugs kisses fist pumps chest bumps thumbs up truly yours,

Lindsay Curtin.