Moore Suing for over $135 million dollars

When we first reported on Katherine Moore's lawsuit, it appeared the Wilmington City Council woman was asking for fifteen million dollars in damages from law enforcement officials. Now it's clear that number is higher, much higher. Mayor Pro-Tem Katherine Moore is suing 9 people on 9 different counts including assault, false imprisonment, and conspiracy. She's asking for fifteen million dollars on each count. That means she's suing for an excess of 135 million dollars. At issue, her arrest last Novemeber for driving while impaired. She blew a .00 on a breathalyzer test and the charges were later dropped. Moore is now suing everyone from the police officer that arrested her to the magistrate that booked her. Local attorney Thom Goolsby says the city will wind up footing the bill. City council woman Laura Padgett and mayoral candidate Spence Broadhurst have asked Moore to resign. Her attorney says she's not stepping down. Wilmington Mayor Harper Peterson says he is concerned, but is still reviewing the suit.

Reported by: Ellen Goldberg