Curtin Call! The official American Idol blog: Top 9

Hello American Idolers! What's happenin' hot stuff ( ever seen the movie 16 Candles)?

So, this week I'm not lounging around on the couch with my trusty queso dip but rather a homemade fruit smoothie! Yum.. and yes, I'm trying to shed a few pounds. I'm a woman, it's what we do--go on diets. blah!

Jacob Lusk is singing "Man in the Mirror." HECK YES! Love this song so much! Jacob is probably the sweetest little muffin ever. He did an amazing job and really showed emotion with the song.

Haley Reinhart is a super powerful singer but I'm telling you... I think her roars go overboard at times. That scratchy, bluesy, raspy thing can be abrasive if done too much!

Casey Abrams "Have you Ever Seen the Rain," by CCR. WARNING: I'm going to be snappy and snarky if I don't like it. I'm sorry, people. This is the song that will always remind me of shooting hoops in my dad's driveway in the summer. Gotta love memory lane.

There wasn't enough soul his performance and I just think he's way too goofy. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about weirdo, looney toon personalities, but Casey isn't my bag of pretzel M&M's.

I'm not a hateful person, I promise!

Lauren Alaina Has a stunningly gorgeous tone. With the right songs, she would make an awesome album that you could listen to in the car on a relaxing sunset drive! The performance was a little boring, but her voice is great.

James Durbin I hope he sings something soft and slow for a change! OOOK... not so much. This performance was really boring. I am not a fan because he tries to be Adam Lambert and I say that every week. This song showcased that his voice really isn't that pretty!

I need another good performance to happen REALLY soon because right now I feel like a grumpy old man who just stubbed his toe.

Scotty McCreery So.. I've really started to actually like this guy. Probably because my fellow North Carolinians are silly willy for him... but now because he kicked some buns with that Elvis performance. He's a super akward dancer, definitely would avoid him at a school dance, but somehow he gives off a cool vibe. Strange mix!

Pia Toscano is ridiculously talented, but I hated the song... she had no connection with it at all.

Stefano Langone Very pretty voice... he actually showed a little emotion!

Paul McDonald is a fantastic, natural performer. I still don't understand any words he sings, but  he really brought the funky dunk to the stage!