Chicken Rolls

Chicken Rolls

Recipe by:

Chef Skip Laskody with Harris Teeter


4 ea. chicken breats, bonless, skin removed

2 tbl. sake

2 tbl. tamri

1 tbl. ginger juice

4 small green onion

1 lg. carrot, julienne, blanched

1/2 small red bell pepper, julienne

1 rib celery, julienne

Kosher Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

Score the chicken breasts lightly on each side, place in a baking dish, season with sake, tamari, and ginger juice. Cover tightly and marinate 2-4 hours. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Drain the chicken, trim the veggies to the width of the chicken breasts. Place the green onion and one strip of each carrot, bell pepper, and celery in the middle of each breast. Sprinkle with Salt and pepper and roll each breast up so it encloses the vegetables. Secure the opening the opening with bamboo skewers and bake for 20 minutes.