Curtin Call! The official American Idol blog: Top 11

Can you say HECTIC day at work? Get this, the power at the news station went out every 5 minutes for a solid hour! Now imagine all the electric equipment it takes to put together a news cast. CRAZY! I'm so happy to be relaxing on my couch watching American Idol.

Casey Abrams was saved from getting the boot and he looked like he was going to get physically sick when they announced it!

IT'S ELTON JOHN NIGHT?? HECK YES! If anyone sings Bennie and the Jets, they'd better kill it!

Scotty McCreery- Elton John did a country song? I had no idea and Scotty's rendition made me NOT want to look up the song on youtube. Nice guy, boring performance!

Naima Adedapo- Her creativity is definitely something I look forward to. However, Elton John night has the potential for such AMAZING peformances and it fell flat. I DO give her credit for the "boom fire" she added at the end... haha!

I feel like without Simon there is a huge disconnect between the judges and contestants. It's as if they've given up on investing in some REAL constructive criticism which results in them looking like they don't truly care about each singer. I mean think about it.. getting criticized at work can be hard to take sometimes but it means that your boss cares and believes in you to do better. This usually makes you better and want to keep doing better!

Paul McDonald- WOW! DEFINITELY the best performance I've seen from him. I loved how soft he kept it. I didn't understand more than 5 words he sang but his voice sounded very nice.

Pia Toscano- "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me." Clay Aiken did an amazing rendition back in the day. Great song choice! Hmm... her voice is amazing as always but I feel like she sang it an octave too high. Just my opinion!

Stefano Langone- Dull. I have no more words. Let's say something nice here... Pretty Smile!?!

Lauren Alaina- Beautiful. I'm so glad she controlled her dynamics and showed off her soft singing. It was relaxing and fantastic like a bubble bath and a glass of chocolate milk ( was that weird? because I love both of those things very much).

James Durbin- What did the mic. stand or piano ever do to you?? There was fire, there was kicking, there was climbing on pianos! Oh my! He did a great job and had a lot of fun. I still don't know if his voice is really all that great but he certainly can perform.

Thia Megia- People really want to keep her around (including myself) because her voice is stunningly beautiful! I just think she needs more flavor, more heartache, more life experience in her singing. I sound like an old fogey saying that but singers who have a story (and it doesn't necessarily have to be one filled with hardship) are just more appealing.

Casey Abrams- He didn't try to be cooler or hotter than he actually is. He was true to himself and his fantastic voice. Good for you Casey- your performance made me feel happy inside! YAY! I love love. Don't you?

Jacob Lusk- His passion is admirable. He deserves to win. Something about his sassy, fierce, fun and gentle nature reminds me of my friend, Pender County Commissioner, Jimmy Tate. It sounds like a strange comparison, I know!!

Haley Reinhart- Ooookay she's singing my song. I hope she kills it for me! HECK YES GIRLFRIEND! She felt that song and cranked it out like crazy!

I would like to see Stefano Langone  go home tomorrow night. Since two are getting the boot, I think the other might be Thia Megia.

Thanks for kickin' it with your favorite American Idol dweeb!

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