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Creole Cafe remains BYOB

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – One of downtown Wilmington's newest restaurants has been denied state approval for an ABC permit.

Peter Koke, the designer of the Creole Café located on Princess Street, says the restaurant was pre-approved for the permit well before opening day in February.  According to the state ABC however, a permit will not be issued to the restaurant.

The Wilmington Police Department and local ALE agents recommended the café be denied a permit.

Creole Cafe has been opened for over two weeks and is said to have lost out on about $20,000 worth of business due to missing alcohol sales and canceled parties.

The restaurant will continue to operate as BYOB facility.  Customer seem to enjoy the policy, but it has made the cafe's brand new bar unnecessary.

Koke plans to appeal the state's decision and may have to wait through a 45-day process.  He plans to do whatever it takes to keep the restaurant open and events running as scheduled.


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