Cancer survivors' reception

New Hanover County's Relay for Life is not for another 3 weeks, but that's not stopping the Relay Board from sponsoring a reception for local cancer survivors.

Survivors young and old celebrated their survival birthdays at the 11th annual Cancer Survivors' Reception.

This was the first reception for Cindy Ray, a 10-year survivor of thyroid cancer.

"This is awesome," said Ray, "the number of people here and the people that have come here to support us as survivors."

There for support was Julie Curry, who hasn't missed a reception in 11 years.

Curry has been a care taker for 7 different cancer survivors, and she walked at New Hanover County's first Relay for Life.

"I never imagined in my whole life that it would grow to the size that it has grown and it's so exciting," said Curry.

This year's Relay for Life is April 15th and 16th.