Curtin Call! The official American Idol Blog: Top 11

Why, hello! Fancy seeing you here!

Welcome to the American Idol blog. I'm Lindsay Curtin, a reporter for WECT/WSFX and I have many conflicting feelings about this season. I'm waiting for some intense talent to shine through the seemingly dull batch of singers.

I have a couple favorites but tonight is "Motown" night and I have the feeling things will be great!

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I'm keeping my fingers crossed that NO ONE sings "Heard It Through The Grapevine." Singers on this show have an affinity to that song and I just can't see why!

OH MY GOSH! "HEARD IT THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE" is the first performance of the night. I freak myself out sometimes.

Casey Abrams- Did a great job with the song but I just can't take this guy seriously. I appreciate that he isn't afraid to be crazy.

Thia Megia- Started out strong but let things fall flat a little bit in the middle when she forgot a couple words. This performance was definitely better than last week and I think she has the potential to do a great job.. but she needs to cut loose just a little more.

Jacob Lusk- Wowee! This guy is insane! INSANELY awesome! He did all the right things to that song and his facial expressions were priceless. He's got attitude... and my vote! What I love even more is that Steven Tyler marched his skinny little legs up on stage to give Jacob a hug.

Lauren Alaina- Serenading Randy Jackson can't be easy.. so props for that move. I liked the performance. It was by far the most personality she's shown in any of her songs. I'm sorry I don't have anything creative to say... I wasn't blown away.

Stefano Langone- Hmm.. He has a good voice but he won't win. He just doesn't stand out. Jennifer Lopez's critique was pretty spot-on. He didn't connect with the song.

Haley Reinhart- Has a fantastic voice but she seemed scared to death of those shoes.

I just noticed that every time Steven Tyler gives a little piece of craziness the audience goes nuts.

Scotty is supposedly "leaving his comfort zone." This could be fantastic or disastrous... Let's see..

Scotty McCreery- is a twin to the Mad Magazine cartoon drawing. Just look it up on Google-- you will be amazed. I think Scotty is a very likeable guy, which is what will get him far on this competition. I wouldn't buy Scotty's cd because he sounds just like Garth Brooks, however I think he will float through to the next round.

Pia Toscano- Her voice is ridiculous and she's definitely a hot mama. However, her song was boring-- no flavor or attitude.

"Tracks of my Tears" is a fantastically sad song. I hope Paul delivers

Paul McDonald- It's nice to see him perform a song without freaking out all over the stage. It was smooth, but I'm still not a fan.

Naima Adedapo- If you look at her really quickly and then look away, she looks like Tyra Banks. Yes? Hey Now!! I think she did a FANTASTIC JOB! Her creativity finally paid off because her little African dance break fit perfectly.

James Durbin- This is just an unfortunate result of being a hardcore Idol fan but I can't help comparing him to Adam Lambert. He, to me, is a lesser version of Adam Lambert. I'm SORRY! I know everyone loves him.

I think Stefano or Thia will get the boot. I like Thia's voice better but Stefano probably makes a lot of hearts melt (not mine).

Thanks for hanging out on and Facebook. Time to watch Michelle Li ( one of the funniest, sweetest people I've met here in Wilmington) and Jon Evans ( the coolest cat in the hat) for Fox26 news at 10 !