Lyrics Online

So you're not sure exactly what the words to your favorite songs are? Today's websites will help you out. All of them let you search alphabetically by artist. We'll start off The site claims to have over 147,000 lyrics available, and has a ranking of the days and all-time most requested lyrics. This site does have a lot of pop-ups, though.

For this's best to go straight to the "Artists A to Z" section, but it does have a link to "what's new" for artists recently added to their database. This site also features biographies of the artists. is also a good source for lyrics, but it has a lot of pop-ups. This site also has a section for non-musical topics, like games or reference material.

Tophits online lists the top 100 songs based on hundreds of personal music charts. This site also lets you listen and buy the music.

For This Week in Geek, I'm Mark Avery.