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Hello, American Idol fans!

Lindsay Curtin here and the top 12 contestants are competing tonight.

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The theme is "songs from the year you were born," but 10 bucks says Karen Rodriguez will sing a Selena song- no matter what year she was born!

Naima Adedapo- You are a funky creative girl but I have bad news, it takes years to "get your pitch together." Interesting twist on the Tina Turner song, though.

Paul McDonald- "I guess that's why they call it the blues" was the song. Appropriate considering the sad, soulless performance. Okay so that was a little mean but this is coming from a place of true American Idol appreciation!

THE JUDGES ARE TOO NICE. Just throwing it out there. Someone should up the ante of constructive criticism.

Thia Megia- Very pretty voice but the performance was too low key. Not much to say about her right now because it just reminded me of a turkey sandwich without cheese or dijon.

James Durbin- This is the Adam Lambert impersonator... right? KIDDING (kind of)! I like that he seems comfortable on stage. I think he did a nice job and definitely has the most energy out of the contestants so far! I would LOVE for Steven Tyler to get up on stage because although he's kind of a looney toon, he's pretty fantastic.

"That man has a rich vein of inner crazy," is the Steven Tyler quote of the night. I might steal that one, actually.

A few of WECT/WSFX American Idol fans say they really like Paul McDonald. So, I'm going to keep my heart and ears open for him. I'm not there yet but as Justin Bieber sings... "never say never." HA!

Haley Reinhart- This girl's voice seems limitless! So much potential she just needs to own it! It's really hard to deny the twang, though. I wonder if she'll shift to country songs at any point?

Stefano Langone- He had such a rich, flavorful back story with the whole "music runs in my family" deal.. but "best performance of the night," Randy? Really?

I remember a few seasons back David Archuleta's rendition of "Imagine," and David Cook's rendition of "Always be my baby" during Mariah Carey week. The performers this season are not the sparkly balls of talent I'm used to seeing on this show ( enter sad face). Come on Pia, bring it home!

Pia Toscano- Fantastic!! Her range reminds me of Katharine McPhee. I look forward to the episode where the contestants have a wider range of song choices, though.

Scotty McCreery- I think he has a great voice. Very smooth. He's not very exciting but I think he'll find ways to keep pulling in the crowd.. but his face does NOT match that crazy deep voice. I think there's some Milli Vanilli trickery happening here.

Karen Rodriguez- "Love Will Lead You Back!!!" I LOVE THIS SONG. Taylor Dayne rocked that song and my friends and I rocked it in my 1989 Acura Legend when I was in high school! Unfortunately, Karen didn't get the "rockin' it" memo.

"I love it when you break into your ethnic-what- it- is-ness," Steven Tyler is inspirational.

Casey Abrams- Tried to give a haunting performance with Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit." However, it just looked like that scary boat ride scene in Willy Wonka's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie. I thought it was contrived and not good at all but props to his bass guitar skills. Maybe his affinity to taking risks will pay off in a really cool performance later on in the season.

Lauren Alaina- Did she get her hands on some illegal flu meds? Her talk with Seacrest was weird. Whatever she was taking definitely worked because she did great! She was very authentic and didn't over do it.

Jacob Lusk- "Alone." This is the song that turned around the entire competition for Carrie Underwood a few years ago. Jacob did a great job. I mean, the passion in his voice and performances is unparalleled. I can't wait for the time when he sings a song that shows off the soft, beautiful part of his voice along with that insanely powerful part!

Hmm..... I am predicting Karen gets the boot.

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