What's Going Around: fewer cases of flu, now allergies

Reported by Kim Ratcliff – bio |email

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Doctor David Hill from Cape Fear Pediatrics in Wilmington reports while influenza is still abundant, they are starting to see an upsurge in allergies and especially in children with asthma.

"If your child is coughing or wheezing at night or whenever he runs or gets overheated he should be evaluated for asthma," said Dr. HIll. "This is a very treatable condition that, left untreated, can be life-threatening for children."

Doctor Robert Rich from Bladen County reports a significant drop in the number of flu cases in children in the last ten days, both in terms of clinically suspected cases and laboratory confirmed cases although there still are a few cases out there.

They are also starting to see an uptick in children with suspected allergy problems. Typically that means your child has a persistent clear runny nose and no fever or other signs of infections.

"There are various treatments available, for children with allergies, including antihistamines, prescription nasally inhaled meds, immune system modifying agents such as singulair, etc.," said Dr. Rich.

Check with your child's doctor for a regimen of medications because each one may be different depending on the severity of symptoms.

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