Curtin Call! The official American Idol blog: Top 13

Happy hump day everyone and welcome to the official WSFX American Idol blog. In case you might be wondering I didn't misspell curtain! My name is Lindsay Curtin and people in the news biz love word play.

When my news director got wind that I have a special place in my heart reserved for the show, he quickly developed the wonderful brain child of a live blog. During the performance episodes I will be throwing remarks (sometimes sarcastic) at the television and to the faithful WSFX/WECT viewers. Needless to say, your comments about the contestants/show/Steven Tyler's funny faces are more than welcome. Actually, I will get really excited when I see people responding to the show with me.

First performance on the top 13 show was Lauren Alaina. She's sweet, but "Any Man of Mine" was too safe and boring. However, I think she'll be safe for the kick-off show because she has potential.

Ooh la la. Joe Cocker is next! What would Joe do if these people sang out of tune?

Casey Abrams did a nice job but the raspy tone in his voice wasn't too solid. The judges seemed to love it, though! What do you guys think? I'm still waiting on a stand- out performance.

I can't get behind Paul McDonald's style. He does have a nice tone but his moves on stage are too weird to focus on his singing. I will say something positive tonight, I promise! There's still a while to go!

WOW! Pia Toscano was amazing.

I think I get my cynicism from my dad-- why are these judges so EASY on the contestants? It's kind of refreshing when a whammy of a critique gets the contestants really thinking.

Stefano Langone- He's easy on the eyes and has a nice stage presence. Very engaging!

Scotty McCreery- GO NORTH CAROLINA! I can't believe that voice belongs to a 17-year-old. What a manly man! His voice is really nice and soothing but he will have to pick up the energy if he wants to keep the audience from falling asleep.

Naima Adedapo- That girl has some funky funk going on in her rendition of Rihanna's "Umbrella." The twists she put on the song were very creative and exciting but the rest of the song wasn't fantastic. She definitely has the creativity to go further in the competition, though.