Feeding the hungry, church opens food pantry in Columbus Co.

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WECT) – There are several families in Columbus and Pender counties who have a hard time finding the resources to have a well balanced meal.  Those counties have the least amount of food pantries in southeast North Carolina.

People who run a new food pantry in Chadbourn hope to create a big impact on one of the poorest counties in the state.  They opened the Community Care & Share Food Bank in their place of worship, Living Word Church.

"I challenged our church," said Pastor Lester Holcomb.  "I said if Living Word left, would the community miss us. We wanted to make a difference."

Plans for the church to open a food pantry have been in the works for two years, and within an hour of opening 30 people had already signed up for assistance.

"This is our Jerusalem. Jesus said go into the world and preach the gospel and feed the hungry, cloth the naked. So we knew this was a band aid for the community," said Holcomb.

There are less than ten food pantries in Columbus County so this new facility is a blessing for the community.  According to Town Manager Stevie Cox, a third of the population is near or at the poverty line so "the pantry will provide a wonderful service for those who are unfortunate in these tight times."

The Community Care & Share Food Bank will be open Thursdays and Saturdays.  Anyone who needs assistance will have to fill out applications.

Please donate canned foods or non perishable foods to the facility if you would like to help.

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