See, Click, Fix: road used as dumping ground

Reported by Kim Ratcliff – bio |email

CASTLE HAYNE, NC (WECT) - An anonymous post on the See, Click, Fix section of  reads, "Rockhill Road is being used as a dumping ground. This is unhealthy and looks terrible. This also leads to the Cape Fear River. Someone needs to catch the person or people doing this and make them clean it up."

According to the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office, this is an ongoing problem in the area. They have contacted the owner of the property to get it cleaned up and he is cooperating.

In situations like this, the property owner is given a certain number of days to clean it up. If they don't cooperate they will get a notice from the sheriff's office. If they still don't clean up the problem the county will clean up the property and put a tax lien on the property to foot the bill.

If you have questions about illegal dumping you can contact the Environmental Division at the NHC Sheriff's Office. The number to call is 910-798-4260.

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