An inside look into the homeless lifestyle

Reported by Dustin Etheridge - bio|email

WILMINGTON, NC (WSFX) - I first decided to do this story back in November while visiting the homeless with Pastor Gwinn over Thanksgiving.  The conditions and the depravity that these poor people lived in absolutely fascinated me.

The process was long and this story truly is a labor of love.  I wanted to highlight the growing problem of homelessness in our area and bring some attention to it.  I feel like it was a success.

You'll find 3 perspectives in the story: a pastors, a city advocates, and that of the homeless themselves.

Additional video elements displayed here show the conditions of their camp, and even show the two guys laughing it up together.  This is what I believe really gives this story a human element.

Homelessness is a plague in our area and I encourage to do whatever you can to help.  Please consider volunteering at the Good Shepherd, Salvation Army, or United Way.

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