See, Click, Fix: Lots of potholes on one Wilmington road

Reported by Kim Ratcliff – bio |email

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Several people have posted reports on See, Click, Fix in regards to potholes on Harley Road in Wilmington.

"It's very dangerous driving down Harley Road," Meghan wrote. "Huge potholes are consistently created and filled in only to form again a few weeks later. It's scary driving the road when it rains, because you can't see them. I don't know if this can be fixed, but I'm tired of either going out of my way to reach market from my home or dodging potholes that force me into the other lane."

The North Carolina Department of Transportation does not maintain Harley Road.  They say it is the homeowner's association, developer or private property owners' responsibility to fix the potholes.

That is the case with many roads that have been paved and not repaired. Potholes are on the of the biggest complaints posted on the See, Click, Fix page.

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