Resetting your privacy once isn't enough

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) -  Each time Facebook adds new features the default is typically that the information about you is available for everyone to see.

If you are one of Facebook's 550 million users, now is a good time to check your privacy based on new features that are being introduced.  A site called "" illustrates how much people post about the intimate details of their life and how easy it is to get to those details, even if you think you have tight privacy settings.  For example, have you seen the new Profile look and feel or the setting called "Instant Personalization"?

WBTV's cyber expert, Theresa Payton explains why you may want to do some housekeeping on your Facebook profile.

Theresa recommends 3 quick tips to check your profile and your loved ones:

  1. Go to your favorite search engines and type in "Facebook" + First Name and Last Name.  If you see entries that surprise you, go check your settings.
  2. Check out sites such as:
  3. If you want to keep your information more private, Go to your Facebook profile and review the various privacy settings.

Word of the week:

DuckDuckGo:  This is a website for people that are concerned that their searches on Google are tracking all their interests and concerns with each keystroke on the internet.  DuckDuckGo has made a commitment not to store demographic data about you or your computer to protect your searching privacy.  Check them out at

Web Resources:

To see how much information can be searched quickly about people, including pictures, and very personal and private posts, go to

If you want to "score" how private your profile currently is on Facebook, try

Steps to Review Your Facebook Account:

Go to your Facebook account

Choose Privacy Settings

Choose Applications and Websites

Look at "Instant personalization"

Uncheck the box if you want to opt out of this feature.