Friends remember Bibby

At the age of 18, Mark Bibby was a popular basketball star and ROTC cadet at Pender High School. At 25, Corporal Mark Bibby was a brave solider helping rebuild a war-torn Iraq. His untimely death near Baghdad brought not only his family to mourn, but also friends who knew him as a corporal as well as those who knew him as a kid.

James McNair remembers playing basketball with Bibby, "it was his birthday so I let him win, those are the good times I am thinking about."

Staff Sergeant Alfred Lee described Bibby as goal oriented, but said he also had a sense of humor "he loved to crack a joke, but it was always in good fun."

Bibby, known for his sense of humor and his smile, was also remembered for his courage and his bravery. As for the members of his unit, they call Bibby's life "a mission accomplished."

Reported by: Ellen Goldberg