Wilmington cyclist travels coast-tp-coast

It's one sweet victory for Dan Sheret. The Wilmington cyclist arrived Oceanside in New Hampshire, the final destination in a cross country venture, "just a great time. This is great."

Unlike his fellow cyclists, Sheret is an amputee. The forty-one year-old turned his attention from furniture making to biking after he lost his lower right leg in an accident three years ago. His wife, Mary Ames Sheret, supported his planned adventure, "a lot of times when he bicycled, he didn't feel disabled. Being a wife, I thought maybe you should start smaller, one or two states, but to be honest, not being an amputee, I couldn't appreciate what he was going through."

And while Mary didn't hop on a bike with her husband, she followed his journeys along the way, six weeks through thirteen states, all captured in photos and journal entries on the internet. Not to mention numerous phone calls, "I think he really wants everyone to know that if you're determined enough and if you get the right care, you can get off the sofa and really get on with your life, just take whatever adventure comes next."

After meeting this goal with a smile on his face, Sheret's next adventure should be equally rewarding, a trip home to Wilmington to be with his wife. Sheret will arrive back in Wilmington Wednesday afternoon.

If you would like to read more about his cross country adventure, you can view his website at www.ampucycle.com  .

Reported by: Elizabeth Willis