Short murder investigation

(Collinsville, Virginia-AP) -- Investigators plan to divert the water in the North Carolina section of a river to search for clues in last year's murder of a nine-year-old girl and her parents. Henry County, Virginia, Sheriff's Office Captain Kimmy Nester says investigators plan to dam up a branch of the Mayo River near where Jennifer Short's body was found. The water will be diverted to conduct a more extensive search of the area. Nester told The Martinsville Bulletin that excavation equipment and sandbags were moved into the area on Monday, and a large pipe was put in place Tuesday to divert the water Investigators plan to search the river bed for new clues as well as to collect forensic evidence to enhance what already has been gathered. Michael and Mary Short were found shot to death in their home in the Oak Level community last August. Jennifer Short's remains were found a month later. An autopsy found that she was shot to death. No arrests have been made.