See, Click, Fix: Road is an eyesore for tourists in Wilmington

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - A resident in Wilmington submitted a complaint to the See, Click, Fix website saying a road that many tourists have to take into historic downtown Wilmington is just about in ruins.

Mary said many places in the streets are so worn down they are exposing the old brick streets, which is kind of neat, but horrible for the alignment jobs on our cars.

Mike filed a similar report saying this part of North 3rd Street is in bad shape and unsafe.  He says it has been bad for more than three years.

The City of Wilmington is in charge of this area.  Last week city council members voted to move forward with the North Third Street Improvement Project. The design is complete and construction was expected to start in March or April, so this problem will be fixed.

More reports have been filed complaining about Third Street. The city now says they are taking bids on the North Third street project.

"The City plans for the contractor to begin the construction of the North Third Street streetscape enhancements in July 2011. The project has an estimated construction schedule of 13 months, " said Malissa Talbert Public Information Officer for the city of Wilmington.

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