The Star Wars Kid

It started when a 15 year old from Canada borrowed a video camera for a class project, videotaped himself doing moves from a Star Wars light saber fight scene, and left the tape in the camera when he returned the camera to school. Someone got hold of the video, put it on the web and created an internet cult-like following for "The Star Wars Kid" (who's real name in Ghyslain) thanks to many computer-generated re-makes of the original. A fan web site devoted to the different versions of the video was rated by as one of the 50 best on the web and an online petition has been set up to get him a cameo in Star Wars Episode 3, which just started filming.  The kid's parents have sued 4 students suspected of being the original posters of the video and their parents because of the attention, according to a story on Radio Canada's web page (it's in French). Two blog sites ( and set up a collection to buy a new him a new 30 GB iPod (a $500 organizer from Apple that also a music and game player) for his troubles which was recently delivered along with about $2600 in gift certificates from the extra money from the donations.

For This Week in Geek, I'm Mark Avery .