Cease reaction

Wilmington Police chief John Cease has been accused of showing up at crime scenes drunk, unfairly retaliating against officers, and promoting others undeservedly based on a "good ole boy system."  But, at all the meetings and news conferences about the issues, Cease has been a no-show.

Now, his spokeswoman, Linda Rawley, explains why. She says, "chief Cease wants to make a statement to the media concerning recent allegations, but was told by city manager, Sterling Cheatham, not to speak."

When News 6 asked Cheatham if he had silenced Cease, he had another response, "I never advised Cease not to speak to reporters. I don't know who told you this, but it is not true."

Late this afternoon Rawley called News 6, this time to say Chief Cease will talk to the media, just not now. She also emphasized that both Cease and Cheatham have a good working relationship.

Reported By: Brandi Davis bdavis@wect.com