See, Click, Fix: Turn signal needed at Wilmington intersection

Reported by Kim Ratcliff – bio |email

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - At least one Wilmington resident says it is nearly impossible to turn left onto Oleander Drive from Greenville Avenue and it's very dangerous.

Mrs. Castillo wrote into See, Click, Fix hoping for a left turn arrow installed.  She  says across the street the oncoming traffic coming from Greenville Loop Rd. onto Oleander Dr. is going down a hill and that makes it very difficult to see.

Joe Chance with the North Carolina Department of Transportation says this problem won't be fixed:

The signal at Greenville and Oleander heading West has minimal traffic and does not meet the warrants for a protected permitted signal. In 2005 to 2007 when the bridge on Wrightsville Ave. was being replaced the most left turns from the West were 29 vehicles in an hour. The only option would be to split the traffic signal movement and allow the side streets to move independently. This would  impede traffic on Oleander which has the highest volume and is not recommended per the NCDOT and Federal standards. The hill that is quoted in the e-mail has adequate sight distance for the current signal operation to date. It is not recommended to revise the signal at this location at this time, but the Department currently has the City of Wilmington monitoring this intersection under contract and will adjust and revise issues as needed.

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