Heavy flooding in Duplin County

It has been a trying 24 hours for residents in Sampson and Duplin Counties. Heavy rains have left roads and farms flooded, and even forced the state to shut down a stretch of Interstate 40 during the night.

Officials in that area say they have not seen flooding this extreme since Hurricane Floyd. The flooding is especially severe on a stretch of highway that runs along the Duplin-Sampson County line. The street, Cornwallis Road, was overtaken by heavy currents running off from Stewart's Creek.

The Department of Transportation shut it down after a few vehicles with four-wheel drive did not make it through. They say with any more rain, they may have to again close the stretch of I-40 between exits 364 and 373, where flood water is creeping dangerously close to the highway.

"The problem is with the current. The velocity of the water can literally pick a car up and take it down stream," said Karen Fussell of the State Department of Transportation.

It is not just the roads people are worried about. Some farming families are on the brink of losing important cash crops because of severe flooding.

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