Home warranty company isn't keeping their end of the bargain

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – Capital Home Shield is a company that offers homeowners warranty plans.  Basically, they offer insurance for all the things that can go wrong inside a house.  Customers expect the company to come thru with their services, but one Wilmington resident says he's having a hard time getting in touch with them.

Steve Midway shopped around for a home warranty plan when he bought his house in the Devon Woods section of Wilmington.  He wanted to make sure he was covered when it needed repairs.  After some research he decided to go with Capital Home Shield and paid the company $300 for a one-year contract.

Under his contract, Midway can call Capital if something in his home breaks and the company will dispatch a technician within 48 hours to fix the problem.

Midway's bath tub began having draining issues more than a week ago.  He notified Capital of the problem, but no plumber was dispatched to his home.  He tried to contact the company again after five days went by, but Capital stopped taking phone calls or returning emails.

"It's pretty frustrating," explained Midway.  "I mean, you pay for a product or service and you feel you've upheld your end of the bargain through payment, and you expect someone else to deliver."

According to the Better Business Bureau's website, Capital Home Shield received an F rating.  There have been more than a dozen complaints filed against the business.  The website says the state of Washington is taking legal action against the company, which is based out of Florida.

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