MTYT: When gambling, the house always wins

By Gary McNair - bio|email

Gamblers know - the "house" always wins.

In this case, the "house" is the General Assembly and the real winners are the people of North Carolina.   The law banning sweepstakes machines takes effect this week.  That means "Game Over" for those pop-up parlors that have been showing up these last few years in shopping plazas across the state.

I commented a few months back that the camel had its nose under the tent and it was time to stomp on it.  Well this might not be a stomp, but it is a strong step in the right direction. Governor Perdue hinted even as she signed the bill into law that she'd be open to considering a way to make it work under state control.

I think if we can resist the temptation to let sweepstake parlor gambling revenues bail us out during these tough economic times, we should be able to keep the door shut permanently.  The possible negative consequences just aren't worth the gamble.

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Emailed comments from viewers:

No one is forced or required to go to the sweepstakes and where I live it was a social form of gathering.  1000 people are losing their jobs and it is a harmless activity.  There was never a problem where these places existed.  We had several of them in town.  A few people like to tell the rest of us how we should spend our money or not spend it.  We gathered a couple of times a week and visited with friends and played some harmless games.  We never invested a lot of money and we enjoyed playing the same games you can find online with a Visa cash card.  Shame on you for congratulating the legislature for closing these internet cafes down.  We will miss the people who worked there.  They will have a crummy Christmas and be on Unemployment which seems to be the sign of the times.  Thanks a lot.  Lee Mason Calabash, NC  Oh and by the way, the Virginia legislature has legalized the internets and so they will relocate north.  I'll check them out when I go up!!!!


As some one who enjoys the slots once a month in SC I have to wonder why NC will  not allow boats to leave from here. People will drive 1 hour to Little River,SC to go out on gaming boats every day but this state is still resisting it. A game of chance is a game of chance. The lottery is a game of chance and we have is from the state.


I think you are wrong collecting money from these folks to ease the burden on state tax payers is a good idea.It may also keep the politicians in Raleigh from dipping into the Education lottery so that our children would receive the full benefit of the lottery instead of the State taking chunks to the general fund. Or am I missing something

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