Baby Battle Continues

A premature infant is still alone in neo-natal intensive care at New Hanover Regional Medical Center. His legal mother is in jail, and a woman who dearly wants to be called his mom, has called a lawyer in hopes of gaining custody.

The infant who was to be named Matthew Logan was born almost two weeks ago. One week after giving birth, mother Sonya Turner, decided she wanted to keep the boy. That, after Kim and Joe Zuncich say they paid the couple thousands of dollars to cover food and medical expenses during the pregnancy.

It was using the baby to make money that has since landed Turner in jail. She's being held on a $10,000 bond. Although she's behind bars, Tucker is still legally the mother of the newborn. But, considering the situation, local attorney Duke Lineberry believes the boy's adoptive parents have a fighting chance at custody. He has agreed to meet with them about developing a strategy to gain custody.

Turner's husband, Scott Turner, is being held by police in Asheboro, North Carolina for similar charges.

Reported by: Ellen Goldberg