MTYT: Your turn on Halloween

By Gary McNair - bio|email

I'm not very good at guessing which My Turn topics will get an abundance of viewer reaction.  Case in point, last week's segment on Trick or Treat.  I was encouraging the local towns and counties to set a date and time.  And I naively thought most everyone would agree.  I was wrong.

I was quickly reminded that I'm the guy that calls for less government in our lives…so why would I want someone in government dictating Trick or Treat times?  Another guy named Gary drove that point home by saying:

C'mon, have we really come to the point where we now want to depend on Government to set Halloween trick or treating dates?

There really isn't much agreement on this issue.  We have what appears to be a fairly even split on whether or not government should set the day and time.  But if you get past that hurdle, you then have the people who don't agree on which day it should be.

On one hand you have people like Francis who says:

How stupid, isn't October 31 Halloween?  Next you'll want to pick a date to celebrate Christmas.

But we did have suggestions to avoid Sundays, avoid school nights and maybe do it the last Friday or Saturday in October.  And don't even get started on the ages of the "trick or treaters."  That's a whole new can of worms.

Now I understand why the government is trying to stay out of this debate.

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Emailed comments from viewers:

I do not feel the government should dictate any Holiday, period.

For me and my family we believe that Halloween is more than Trick or treat but also OctoberFest/FallFest in which you relax drinking Apple Cyber and having a huge family picnic in which all of us goes home and respect the holiday.


Is that the best you can do to slide your "less government" political bias into the evening commentary - a halloween discussion?  With all the problems in our world, you waste valuable time talking about what day to give kids candy -  What does this have to do with news?

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