Mom's Mini Van

This web site can help cut down on the "are we there yet?"'s on your road trip this summer. The site claims to have over 100 ideas for fun things and games for the kids to play in the car plus road trip tips. Do you remember this game--the "cootie catcher"? It's that game where you pick a color or number or something else and then lift a corner to reveal your fortune--this site has the directions on how to make one. There's also a list of links on how to make any number of string figures, like cat's whiskers or Jacob's ladder.

This site also has plenty of printable games and sheets to color. Car bingo games have 2 different types of cards--vehicles and roadside items--with 4 different cards for each type. For older kids, there's also a travel scavenger hunt list and other games like tic-tac-toe. For the toddlers and infants, there's tips on how to keep them entertained and healthy during a long trip on the road.

For This Week in Geek, I'm Mark Avery.