Baby alone at NHRMC, two women want custody

A premature newborn less than two weeks old is in neo-natal intensive care at New Hanover Regional Medical Center. He's all alone, his birth mother is in jail. The couple who say they'd signed a contract to adopt the child now grieve with an empty crib and an empty nursery. Though they are more than prepared, anxious parents Kim and Joe Zunich can't bring the baby home. You see, after apparently agreeing to let the Zunich's adopt the child, birth mother Sonya Turner changed her mind. It's not the first time, the Zunich's have a long history with Sonya Turner. They met her online, and ever since they say she's tangled their lives in a complicated web of lies and deceit. They gave her money, food, clothes, even a car.

But now grief is turning into anger. They've filed criminal charges against 23 year old Turner. She's been arrested, accused of using the baby in a scheme to make money. As an investigation into Turner begins, the boy the Zunich's hoped to name Matthew Logan fights for his at the hospital while the Zunich's fight to return to their life before Matthew.

Though the Zunich's have Matthew's crib made, his diaper bag packed, and his closet filled with clothes, for now they have no parental rights to Matthew. As far as the legal system's concerned, his mother's in jail and Matthew is alone.

Reported by: Ellen Goldberg