MTYT: Republicans win big

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Republican leaders made two comments leading up to Election Day that really bothered me.  Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has made it very clear that his big priority is defeating Barack Obama in 2012.  And his counterpart in the House, John Boehner, was talking earlier this week about finishing the job in 2012.  He was, of course, referring to defeating even more Democrats in the next election.

Don't these guys get it?  I don't think this election was about who can win the most seats in Congress.  I think the American people want problem solvers.  I think they want people in Washington to put campaigning aside, at least for a year, and focus on getting their jobs done.

It seems simple to me.  If you focus the bulk of your energy on gaining or maintaining power for the party, the real important work just won't get done.

I agree with what John Boehner had to say after the election.  What happened on Tuesday really is a repudiation of what's going on in Washington.  But it applies to the job they are doing and/or not doing.  If he thinks it's about too many Democrats in Washington, then he should prepare to suffer the consequences.

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Emailed comments from viewers:

This is the first year since I was old enough to vote, some 45 years ago, that I didn't. The reason being that if you believed what most any candidate said, then all of them were liars and crooks. So, who could you possibly vote for? Now, that the election is over let's hope that the new guys can work with the old ones and get something accomplished that would be beneficial to the citizens of our still great country rather than concentrating on negative politics.


Your comments on the remarks made by the Republican Minority Leader of the Senate on Thursday November 4, 2010 were timely and correct.  Maybe there is some hope for sanity in America.


Amen! You  nailed it !  From day one of this administration the Republican platform has been to  make this president FAIL. At least they are out of the closet  now with throwing  down a gauntlet not an olive branch.

What part of bringing the man down in the White House and saying No NO NO  helps this country?

Show  us the  solutions . Show  us! Show us! The recent election results were complicated. If the  Republicans wish to spin it  differently then they "don't get it". My  dear  Canadian friends have asked me many times "don't the Americans understand that if the President looses they loose ?"


I agree 100% with your statement just now. I would like it to be a Law that no one party controls either House,Senate,or Congress so that they would all be accountable to eachother and learn to work in harmony for the sake of justice and the people of this great America.That is how we lead!


I have most often found little to agree with when you make your presentations on air.  Often there has been much incorrect from my point of view.  However, your reasoned substantive, editorial of this evening was outstanding.  There may and probably will be much to disagree about in the application of specifics but at least for now, you have my regard for your position regarding the best actions to initiate and complete for our America.  The making our National Interest subservient to a sense of personal and/or party power is at least reprehensible and as I suggest, near treasonable.


I am not really into politics simply because it just does not seem like there is anyone who can be trusted. Many politicians are more worried about who has the power yet they really need to focus on getting problems solved. They spend entirely too much energy on arguing over who is better suited for fixing the problems and not enough energy on actually fixing them. Republicans admit their goal is to defeat Obama. Shouldn't their goals be focused on the issues? At least Obama and the democrats are working on solutions. Their ideas may not work out ideally but they are trying and that is why they are in office. They are working on fixing problems and not wasting time arguing over who is going to be in charge.


Thank you so much for your comments on Mcconnel's attitude toward what he and his fellow Republicans plan to do now that they are in the majority in congress.  He forgets that the progress of the country should be the focus and not just defeating everything the Democrats suggest,  We have had enough of this "school boy bickering."  Keep up the good work!!


You are missing a valid point tonight. President Obama needs to be replaced with a Republican so a VETO will not happen. I am not expecting much the next two years because of a split Congress and Democratic President. We need a Republican majority in both the Senate and House  and a Republican President  to really turn things around. Whatever gets done will be watered down with liberal ideals.


It IS about too many democrats.  YOU don't get it.

Democrats believe government creates jobs and economic success.  With control they implemented this.  It did not work.  Democrats must be voted out, and were.  More will go in 2012.


I disagree with these statements. Congress agreed with him and passed what he wanted. The color of his skin didn't matters. The American people have the power and we have spoken!


We now have a congress that is racist. They said when our president was elected that they would make him fail, so we would not have another black president!!!!

Great for our country! We must agree with them because we gave them the power to get rid of him and make sure he fails so we will not have another black president. Think about this. All the programs will benefit the rich and the middle class will pay for it. The wealthy in this country have now gotten the upper hand again.

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