Problems reported at Landfall voting precinct

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - A poll observer at the voting precinct at the New Hanover County Public Library near Landfall reports there were problems earlier this morning with the ballot.

About 200 voters were given the wrong ballot, which included the race for the North Carolina House District 19 instead of District 16, according to poll observer Paige Freeman.

"At first the chief judges thought they had a machine problem, so they started calling the call center and they talked with a technician, and they tried to do some troubleshooting only to find out that it was not a machine problem, that the wrong paper ballot had been issued to the precinct," explained Bonnie Williams with the New Hanover Board of Elections.

In NC House District 19, incumbent Danny McComas is running unopposed.  The precinct should have gotten the ballot for District 16, which has Carolyn Justice (R) running against F.D. Rivenbark (D).

There were other problems too, according to Freeman.  The touch screens appeared to have what is being described as glitches and the paper ballot counter wasn't working.  Voters were told they would have to come back if they wanted to submit paper ballots instead of the electronic ones.

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