MTYT: Is early voting a good thing?

By Gary McNair - bio|email

I think the goal of early voting is to give more people the opportunity to get involved in the election process by giving us more time to exercise our right to vote.  Early numbers look impressive.  Thousands of people have already voted.

But I'm beginning to wonder if early voting is a good thing or not.  In the final hours of a campaign, anything can happen.

Take this week for example, and the race for North Carolina's 7th Congressional District.  Congressman Mike McIntyre has campaigned, in part, on an endorsement from ALIPAC – that's a big anti-illegal immigration group.  This week, ALIPAC did an about face and switched their support to his opponent, Ilario Pantano.  Former VP candidate Sarah Palin also endorsed Pantano late in the contest.

And with hours left – who knows what else is going to happen that just might change our minds about one of the races.  Some of these moves may not influence you – others might.

So if you have voted already, I hope you don't have "voter's remorse" over something that's been said or happened late in the game, because it seems to me, things are still getting interesting.

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